The instructional course program is listed below, please note the ASM program is abstract based, however timings are listed below to assist those booking accommodation and fights. We encourage you to check back regularly as topics and speakers are allocated.

Wednesday 24th August, 2022

6.30pm – Faculty Dinner & Update

All faculty members are invited to join us as we run through the final course content and small group allocations for the Instructional Course. Please bring your laptop, usb and presentations with you.

Instructional Course (2.5 Days)

Thursday 25th August, 2022

Time Presentation Time Topic Faculty
0800 ‐ 0805 Welcoming Address 15 Kate Stannage
0805 ‐ 0815 Presentation 10 Approach to the limping child Nicole Williams
0815 ‐ 0830 Presentation 15 Observational Gait Analysis Leo Donnan
0830 ‐ 0950 Minisymposium – Cerebral Palsy 10 Aetiology and Classification Kate Stannage
10 Gait Lab Assessment John Walsh
10 Upper Limb Terri Bidwell
10 Hip Erich Rutz
20 Lower extremity Unni Narayanan
10 Spine Anand Segar
0950 – 1010 MORNING TEA
1010 ‐ 1110 Small Group Tutorial 60 Pathological Gait Sue Stott
1110 ‐ 1200 Small Group Tutorial 50 Upper Extremity Trauma Terri Bidwell
1200 – 1300 LUNCH
1300-1400 Mini‐symposium – Neuromuscular 20 How to recognise and investigate a neuromuscular disorder John Walsh
20 Cavus Foot: diagnosis and management Sarah Farrell
10 Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Samya Lakis
10 Spinal Muscular atrophy Mattias Axt
1400-1430 Mini‐symposium – Syndromes 10 Overview themes in syndromic children Michael Johnson
5 Arthrogryposis Nicole Williams
5 Neurofibromatosis David Little
5 Marfans Chris Harris
5 Downs Ivan Astori
1430 – 1500 AFTERNOON TEA
1500-1540 Mini-symposium – DDH 10 Pathology / Definitions Ric Angliss
10 Early management: including screening, investigation, bracing Leo Donnan
10 Operative treatment of the dislocated hip Liam Johnson
10 Treatment of persistent acetabular dysplasia: including osteotomies Jit Balakumar
1540-1640 Small Group Tutorial 60 Management of DDH Ric Angliss
1640 – 1720 Small Group Tutorial 40 Injuries of the pelvis, hip, femur Dawson Muir/
1720-1730 10

Friday 26th August, 2022

Time Presentation Time Topic Faculty
0730 ‐ 0930 WORKSHOPS 120 Top Gun SET 1-3 David Little & Anand Segar
Surgical Exam Vivas SET 4-5 Richard Angliss, Sue Stott, Angus Gray, Kate Stannage
0930 – 1010 MORNING TEA
1010-1025 Presentation 15 Congenital problems of the upper limb Trevor Gervais
1025-1040 Presentation 15 An approach to the child with Erb’s Palsy (OBPP) Dave Drynan
1040-1120 Small Group Tutorial 40 Management of growth plate injuries Chris Harris
1120-1200 Mini symposium – Knee 10 Congenital knee problems Sheanna Maine
10 An approach to the patello-femoral joint in adolescence Ryan Lisle
10 ACL injuries in Children Tim Gregg
10 Osteochondritis Dissecans Arnold Suzuki
1200 – 1300 LUNCH
1300-1315 15 SUFE Aetiology and Classification Geoff Donald
1315-1330 15 SUFE Management and Complications Nic Frost
1330-1420 Small Group Tutorial 50 SUFE Cases Oliver Birke
David Little
1420 – 1450 AFTERNOON TEA
1450-1540 Small Group Tutorial 50 Sports Related Stress Fractures / Injuries Brian Loh
1540-1620 Mini‐symposium – Foot 10 Painful flat foot: diagnosis, investigation Dawson Muir
10 Tarsal Coalition Matt Hope
10 Current Management of Clubfoot Sarah Murgatroyd
10 Vertical Talus and Sydnromic Feet Dror Maor
1630-1700 Close Drinks

Saturday 27th August, 2022

Time Presentation
8.00am APOS AGM
8.30am Conference Opening
8.30am – 12.30pm Abstract Presentations
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Abstract Presentations
3.30pm Afternoon Tea
4.00pm Abstract Presentations
5.00pm Close of conference
6.30pm Dinner – Seasons Restaurant (included in delegate registration fee – please purchase an extra ticket if your partner wishes to attend, partners are most welcome)

We encourage all delegates and their partner to join us for the conference dinner at Season Restaurant. Located across the road from the Sofitel, Season’s is directly located on the beachfront at Hastings Street. The dinner will include 3 delicious courses of some of Noosa’s finest food and wine.

Sunday 28th August, 2022

Time Presentation
8.00am Business Meeting
8.30am Abstract Presentations
10.30am Morning Tea
11.00am Abstract Presentations
12.30pm Conference Close & Lunch